Join a collective that celebrates music, self-discovery, and unity.

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We celebrate music, self-discovery and unity.

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More than Music


Feelings and Emotions

Welcome to Muzika Organika Boutique Events

A new culture of gathering

Step into a world where music transcends boundaries and hearts beat as one. Our boutique events are a fusion of soulful beats, immersive experiences, and the celebration of unity.

Diverse Experiences

Whether it’s the enchanting rhythms of Cacao Clubbing, the soul-stirring melodies of Concerts, the transformative energy of Workshops, or the magical gatherings at Cacao Dance & Cacao Dance Festivals, each event is crafted to elevate your senses and create lasting connections.

Going beyond Alcohol

We don’t serve alcohol at our events and we advise strongly not to consume alcohol before our events.

Instead, we provide unique alternatives such as Ceremonial Cacao, Blue Lotus, Lion’s Mane, Guayusa, Maca etc. crafted to open your hearts, uplift spirits, and energize your being.

Our gatherings transcend entertainment

Our events are ceremonies and transformative experiences that create a safe space to connect, enjoy and relax.

We bring in renowned artists and use top-tier audio equipment, ensuring you have the finest musical experience.

Special Events

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