Unite, Connect & Experience

more than music and workshops

Muzika Organika are boutique events, offering unique and intimate musical and spiritual experiences. We unite a remarkable community of highly talented organic music artists, dedicated to curating profound spaces that encourage introspection and awaken the inner light of our being. Together we create wholesome and joyful experiences.

Muzika Organika events are designed to open up hearts, minds and bodies, create connections, and encourage participants to enjoy the present moment. We take care of each other and create a heartfelt space, where we can connect with like-minded individuals and share in the joy and happiness of the events.

Our events are alcohol-free,
but we offer a range of healthy energizing
and heart opening drinks.

Come and experience the magic of Muzika Organika Boutique Events and leave feeling inspired, renewed and energized!

cacao clubbing

More than clubbing

safe space and good vibes

We love clubbing, but couldn’t find spaces that match our vibe. So, we blended Organic Ethno Electronic Tunes by talented artists with a cacao ceremony, face painting, and vegan/vegetarian food and sweets.

cacao dance & festival

Organic music and Workshops

for body and soul

Our boutique events showcase gifted artists and workshops that nurture both your body and soul. We craft environments for connection, personal growth, and leaving revitalized, ready to radiate our sense of self to the world.


Mystical experiences

profound vibrations

Immerse yourself in captivating melodies, harmonious rhythms, and transformative energies. Join us for intimate gatherings where music, cacao ceremony, and heartfelt connections merge to inspire and renew.


let your inner light shine

where art meets spirit

Dive into the creative realm with art workshops or delve into inner exploration with spiritual workshops. Join uplifting singing circles, invigorating breathing workshops, and profound meditation sessions to raise your vibration.